Marshall Islands Attractions

Marshall Islands Attractions
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Marshall Islands Attractions

The Marshall Islands are incredibly unique and interesting. One of only four totally "Atoll Nations" in the world, the Marshall Islands encompasses an area covering 750,000 square miles of crystal clear Pacific ocean. A total of 1,225 tiny islands spread over 29 atolls, the Marshall Islands are truly jewels in the ocean.

The history of the Marshallese is steeped in culture. As an island nation, navigation skills were prized and passed down through the centuries through families and teachers. Many local people still carry these traditional skills, and are more than willing to share with your their knowledge and culture. 

When visiting many of the smaller islands, you may find your plane taxiing into the center of a tiny village where chickens roam the grassy runways and children play in the shadow of the airplane's wings. Pristine coral reefs teeming with life are a staple scene for the Marshallese people. Scuba divingboating and fishing are popular activities throughout the islands. Bikini and Rongelap Atolls provide diverse diving and salt water fishing activities and draw sportsmen from around the world.

Majuro, the capital of the Marshall Islands, is a mix of island tradition and modern culture. Supermarkets and roadside family stores provide a wide variety of products and services. The College of the Marshall Islands is a central focus of cultural and educational activity as well as home to many research projects.

The Marshall Islands Resort hosts a 24-hour fitness center along with tennis courts and a sea-water swimming pool with a lagoon vista. A full service dive shop is located on the premises. Liveaboard adventures to the remote islands of Rongelap Atoll are available through Rongelap Expeditions.

Marshall Islands Beach

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While staying with the Marshall Islands Resort: Adventure awaits Pristine coral reefs teaming with marine life are a way of life for the Marsahallese people.  Scuba diving, boating, and fishing are highly popular activities throughout the islands

Go Fish with MIR enjoy trolling for big game fish (marlin, tuna, wahoo, rainbow runner and more) or bottom fishing onboard the LELE and JOJO, a professional fishing charter boat in the Marshall Islands, with a 28'Pursuit, 150-horsepower, equipped with mafunction radar fishfinder gps and top of the line fishing gear.  

Enjoy a day of Picnic and Snorkeling on one of Majuro's small isles across the lagoon and spend the day just relaxing, sunbathing, beachcombin, etc.,  Top off your visit with a Sunset Cruise with the MIR cruise crew and just enjoy your last evening on the Majuro Lagoon.

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